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      High pressure magnetic pump helps the development of manufacturing industry

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      As a major manufacturing country with a winning product base, without the emergence of the Internet and big data, it may take another ten years for my country to become a manufacturing power. With the digitalization sweeping from all over the world, it was impossible to easily achieve shared advanced Technical means have also begun to be localized rapidly, becoming a powerful engine for the rapid development of my country's manufacturing industry, which should be an important opportunity for the manufacturing industry to achieve overtaking in corners.

      As the foundation and pillar industry of the manufacturing industry, the high pressure magnetic drive pump industry has once again ushered in a dividend period. This long-standing industry will resonate with the pace of the times and become an indispensable driving force for the development of the manufacturing industry.

      High pressure magnetic drive pump

      High pressure magnetic drive pump is a very common basic equipment in industrial manufacturing. The so-called journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Only the project with a solid foundation has the opportunity to become a skyscraper. The high-pressure magnetic pump is a tool for tamping the foundation. The main function of petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries is to transport special media, such as petroleum, highly corrosive liquids, printing and dyeing raw materials, etc. The market has very high requirements for their quality, so how to improve the performance and quality of high-pressure magnetic pumps in recent years, It is a problem faced by high-pressure magnetic pump manufacturers, and it is also the main appeal of the entire consumer market.

      High pressure magnetic drive pump

      There are many R&D, production and sales parties of high-pressure magnetic pumps in the market, but the products produced by many companies have a common problem: leakage. There are many reasons for liquid leakage. Equipment quality problems or environmental factors may lead to liquid leakage. Once the medium leaks, it may cause a certain degree of environmental pollution. In severe cases, it may cause the equipment to fail to operate normally and affect the use of enterprises. Ongoing project.

      High pressure magnetic drive pumps

      In order to solve the disadvantages of use and meet the bonus period with a better appearance, Shanghai Lingnai magnetic pump, founded in 2008, has achieved the quality upgrade of high-pressure magnetic pump by virtue of technological breakthroughs, and adopts magnetic coupling to realize the non-contact transmission of torque, Not only can it be used for flammable, explosive, highly corrosive and highly toxic media, but also achieves strong sealing, so it completely solves the problems of running, dripping, and degaussing in the middle. It has been successfully applied to many key projects for the safety of the manufacturing industry. The problem provides a layer of protection, and also establishes the irreplaceable important position of the high-pressure magnetic pump in use.

      The speed of product upgrades must keep pace with the times in order to gain a firm foothold in the development torrent. The high pressure magnetic drive pump industry should also get rid of technical limitations, start with product design and structure, increase investment in innovation, and provide more high-quality high-pressure magnetic pumps for the market.

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