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      Five major areas of application for magnetic pumps

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      high pressure magnetic drive pump

      With the user's concept of increasingly updated, magnetic pump itself from time to time innovative technology to lead the market development, as well as the main consumer manufacturers in the Chinese market focus on quality and service, more and more new places began to choose magnetic pump. The following is the trend of the application of magnetic pumps in various processes today: First, the application of corrosive media process seal corrosion is a big problem, but the magnetic pump can easily dispose of. On some hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and other media, you can use fluorine plastic lined magnetic pump. About ester acid and other media that are both corrosive and high temperature, you can use Hastelloy. The use of special alloy material is a trend of magnetic pump development.

      Second, the application of the pharmaceutical consumption process is different from the domestic Chinese medicine, foreign pharmaceutical is a chemical reaction synthesis, the temperature of the material suddenly cold and hot, in the process there are many harmful substances need magnetic pump bail. In addition, the pharmaceutical material requirements of the pump is high, all overflow components must meet the food hygiene grade.

      Third, the application of liquid chlorine bail process on this extremely risky medium, the magnetic pump to develop a secondary seal technology. Suppose the pump is accidentally damaged, there is a first layer of sealing system to ensure that the medium does not leak. The secondary seal can be used magnetic seal or even dry gas seal.

      Fourth, the application of easy to solidify the medium process on the same liquid easy to condense at room temperature, mechanical seals or shielded pumps will encounter both insulation and cooling problems. Magnetic pump does not require cooling, can be made into a double jacket type, with steam insulation, to ensure that the pump liquid does not solidify. And can be used with the temperature probe. Fifth, high-pressure system in the application system high-pressure off dry mechanical seal is a problem, often in high-pressure conditions mechanical seal price pump is also high. While the dry magnetic pump is very simple, just isolate the placement of wall thickness increases. Magnetic pump can cope with 350MPa system pressure.

      Now the magnetic pump application is very common, especially for dry highly toxic, flammable and explosive, too power, high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosion and other harsh fluid preservation process. In recent years, its dependability and easy maintenance has been gradually chopped by the customer recognition, users often leave the most difficult to deal with the application of the required plea to the magnetic pump.

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